A number of murals based on six designs were specifically created to produce wallpaper for Melior Boutique Hotel in the historic city of Valletta. The artists and art works were carefully selected by art historian and University of Malta Senior Lecturer Dr Charlene Vella. After viewing a broad variety of possible art works that would lend themselves for the purpose, the selection fell on four contemporary paintings and two seventeenth-century artworks that are on display at the Mdina Cathedral Museum.

The selected artworks were not simply blown up to create murals. Each of the six artworks was photographed in high resolution by Ramon Portelli and Joe P. Borg. Subsequently, these images were subjected to an artistic digitisation process undertaken by Luke Azzopardi Studio, in which the artworks have been transformed specifically for the creation of these murals. Such proficient manipulation of the composition and colours has reinvented each of the chosen artworks, and these murals create a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere needed in a hotel room while at the same time bringing luxury, art and innovation to each room.

The project which has been a year in the making displays a contemporary take on artistic patronage. Having come to fruition at a time where the cultural sector was struggling due to the pandemic, Melior Boutique Hotel sought to support local artists and a local museum in the process of creating its interiors thereby offering exposure and a source of income to the various creatives involved by obtaining from them the rights to utilise images of paintings and artworks and the original wallpaper designs commissioned thereof. The result is a contemporary hotel that reflects part of the local art and art history, since each art work has an art historical importance, and they all have a connection with the Maltese islands.

Our Selected Art Murals

Allegory of the Triumph of Love
Allegory of the triumph of love - Actual
Allegory of the triumph of love - Mural
Circle of Peter Paul Rubens
This relatively small painting executed in oil on canvas is exhibited at the Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum as part of the Dr John A. Cauchi Legacy, housed in a majestic Baroque eighteenth-century edifice that was constructed to serve as the seminary for the Diocese of Malta. The oil on canvas painting portrays winged putti holding garlands of fruit and a chariot drawn by wild beasts and is titled Allegory of the Triumph of Love. It is small because it was a bozzetto or preparatory study. The unknown artist must have worked in the studio of the Flemish Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens.
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Chest of drawers
Chest of drawers - Mural
This art work is a remarkable Maltese mid-seventeenth-century cupboard or credenza on bun feet veneered with olive wood and inlaid with orange wood creating a lacework design worked into a polygon motif on the front and sides. Such furniture was to be found in the most beautiful palaces of the well-to-do in Baroque Malta. This magnificent piece of furniture forms part of the 2021 Dr John Bugeja Caruana bequest that is housed in the Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum’s Sala Nobile.
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Looking Up
Anna Galea
Anna Galea B.A., M.A. (Melit.) is an award-winning artist based in Malta and Dubai best known for her exceptionally large still life paintings and abstractions but who also works in other media. This abstract painting, titled Looking up, successfully evokes that feeling of being submerged in the Mediterranean Sea, whilst looking up towards the surface. The sublime movement of the water is fluid, executed proficiently in the watercolour wet-on-wet technique.
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Comino Posedonia
Andrew Borg
Andrew Borg is a qualified electrical engineer who is also a celebrated Maltese artist who works in oils, charcoal as well as in watercolour. He who has captured the attention of many due to his unconventional and striking compositions of land and seascapes, as is the case with Comino Posedonia, an oil on canvas painting of a vast sea with changing blue hues that captures the spirit of a Maltese summer.
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Far Away Across the Blue
Andrew Borg
Far away across the blue is an oil on canvas seascape by Andrew Borg which adequately captures the movement and varying shades of the Mediterranean Sea characterised by his typical composition featuring a high horizon. The scene is masterfully executed and evokes a sense of a typical hot Maltese summer’s day out at sea. Images like this by Borg are so successful because the artist is accustomed to painting en plein air, that is, outdoors, immersed in nature.
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Ġnien Ingraw
Guido Debono
Guido Debono is a painter from Mellieħa who captures the spirit of the northernmost town of the island of Malta which often serves as inspiration of his paintings, as is the case with this painting executed in oil on a coarse canvas. The painting is infused with a tranquility that is a reflection of the rural countryside around his idyllic hometown. Ġnien Ingraw is a valley that enjoys a freshwater spring, is rich in medieval troglodytic cave, and leads to Mellieħa bay.

Comissioned Art Pieces

Original Water Colours
Anna Galea
Melior Boutique Hotel has also commissioned fifteen original watercolour paintings by renowned watercolorist Anna Galea to adorn the walls of its four suites. These art works are fluid, translucent abstracts in the main, but some also portray floral motifs and four of the paintings each offer a portrayal of the four seasons. This commission shows a dedication to investing in original art works and supporting local talent.
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